Monday, March 3, 2014

Striping nail art using non dominant hand

What do you do when you’re the kind of person who wants to try a certain nail polish and already have your non dominant hand already painted? Yep. Paint your dominant hand.

If you’re skilled at painting your nails on both hands flawlessly, I congratulate you. I often fail at achieving a similar look on both hands. My non-dominant hand is so shaky that I barely get anything done with it. And when I do, it’s a miracle!

Just like today’s nail art, which I have done using my non-dominant hand. It’s a miracle!

without top coat
I started with the Essence XXL nail protector as base coat. And topped it with the full color side of Kiko’s Multi Effect Nai Lacquer #02 Roswood & Fuchsia. Then placed three striping tapes on the nails, and painted them with the glossy color of the same polish from Kiko.

without top coat
I liked the result. And me being me, I decided to try the matte top coat, and here’s how it looks like.

with matte top coat

I used the Kiko 3-in-1 mat top coat
I love mattified shimmer polishes. They get this velvety feel to them and I end up staring at my nails the whole time. Pretty distracting when you’re trying to study. But this particular one I would wear with a glossy top coat as well, and it would definitely be just as distracting.

Fun fact: I'm actually fascinated at how clean this turned out to be. IT NEVER HAPPENS! I'm kinda proud of myself about that :D

Until next time!

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