Sunday, March 9, 2014

American Football themed nail art - Enschede Broncos

My cousin plays American Football at one of the local clubs around here, called Enschede Broncos. Today they are having a home game against another local team. In a way to show my support, I decided to make football themed nail art, using something from the team logo. In this case, it was the horse.

I started off with a base coat, using the XXL nail protector from Essence. Then I painted my thumb and pinky green, index and ring finger gray, and the middle finger a dark brown. Then I added the stitches using a white color.

After letting the polishes dry, I added a red stripe down the gray color, and two thin black lines on each side of the red. I tried to emulate the logo of Enschede Broncos (you can see the logo on their homepage), and so I wanted to use the horse from the logo. So I also made decals because it makes life easier when you don't have a horse in a stamping plate, and you're not very good at drawing tiny designs on both of your hands.

After placing the decals on my nails, I realized I shouldn't have made the black lines because you barely see the horse there unless I tell you there's a horse, and even then I'd be skeptical about it. But it was too late to go back, so I just went ahead with it. It's the thought that counts, right?

I also added green striping tapes on my thumb and pinky. From looking around the web for football inspired nails, I saw a lot of people using the field as a design. And so this was my take on it, using striping tape instead of painting light green stripes. It's a bit of a work, but I like the end result.

And here's a shot of both of my hands. As you can clearly see, the stitches on the right hand looks horribly different. Still working on getting better at using my non-dominant hand when doing my nails. One of these days I'll master the art of using my left hand for doing stuff!

Here's a list of all the colors I used for this design:

  • #298 High Line Green from NYC (New York Color)
  • #280 London's Weather Forecast from Catrice
  • #720 Bruno Brownani from Catrice
  • a white tip painter striper polish from Essence
  • #06 Red & Mandarin (the red color) from the Multi-Effect nail lacquer collection by Kiko
  • #144 black is back from Essence

I hope that you liked my design for today. And I'm wishing my cousin's team lots of success in today's match.

Do you like American Football? Or are you a Rugby person?

Until next time!

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