Friday, February 28, 2014

Born Pretty Store stamping plate #QA61

One day I was just browsing at the Born Pretty Store, and I came across the stamping image plate that instantly captured my attention. That usually never happens. I have to go through reviews and swatches before I decide to buy something, but this one was an eye-catcher. And I just had to have it. So much for just browsing, right?

The plate, just as any other stamping plate, comes with a blue plastic cover which you need to remove before you start stamping.

image plate with protective foil on

Essence Superheroes LE - 06 The Awesome

Nothing like a nice glitter polish to make any nail polish lover's day seem brighter. When I first saw this polish in the preview posts of several bloggers, I decided that I need to have that in my collection. I had no idea how it would look on my nails, but the preview press sample pictures looked promising.

The Superheroes trend edition from Essence is long gone, and replaced by others quite a few times by now. But every now and then I see a post about one of the polishes from the collection (which I had a hard time finding, by the way. It was always sold out! In several cities!)

Here's the one I have tried on today: 06 The Awesome

A new blog is born

Hello world!

Not that the world would be reading any of this at the moment, but a first post is obligatory, right?

My name is Lena, and I'm happy to share my journey in the magnificent world of nail art with anyone who would stumble upon my blog.

I will be posting mainly about nail art that I have done in the past, and also new ones to come; and sometimes reviews or swatches of nail polishes I own. And while the internet is full of wonderful nail art, swatches, and reviews made by bloggers and/or professional nail technicians, I'm hoping to be able to contribute to it all with my own perspective of things.

As a certain someone from a certain blue box once said: allons-y!