Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day nail art

Happy St. Paddy's day to everyone who celebrates it! While I don't celebrate it because it's not my culture, but I have friends who do. So I decided to do a nail art dedicated to this occasion.

I got super excited about the fact that I will be using my new gold acrylic paint (which I bought around Christmas, but never gotten the chance to use it before now). And to my disappointment, I suck at getting it to cooperate! I will simply practice more so I could get a better control of it.

Here's a photo of what I used, and the names of the colors will follow:

Left to right:

  • Gold acrylic paint of the Prato Celebration color set from Rico Design.
  • Gold hexagon glitters
  • 8in1 nail wonder by P2
  • #298 High Line Green from NYC (New York Color)
  • #144 black is back from Essence

First I did my ring finger. I used the gold acrylic to paint it using a flat brush, and once it was dry I added one layer of top coat and let it dry while I did the rest of my nails.

I used a striper brush to do the black belts, starting with two parallel lines and then filling the area in-between. And for the belt buckles I used the gold acrylic paint and a detail brush.

Once I was done with all my nails, I grabbed the top coat and put a generous layer on the ring finger. Then grabbed the glitters and just poured it over my nail. After tapping the extra off my finger (and putting the rest back into the bottle), I adjusted the glitters so my nail was completely covered.

And since the glitters are a bit on the big side, they kept poking out from the sides, so I grabbed my tiny scissors and started trimming the edges (it was only on the sides of the nail. The tip and cuticle parts I fixed by pushing the glitters in). And while I was doing that, I managed to poke my pinky and caused a tiny dent. I'm a pro at ruining the tips!

In the end I added top coat to all my nails, and a generous amount of it on the ring finger. The top coat made the gold color of the glitter pop! Now it looks more like a pot of gold than without the top coat :)

I'll stop talking now, and here's a couple more photos of today's mani:

The always forgotten thumb.

I hope you liked it! Have a fun day, and drink in moderation!

Until next time!

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