Wednesday, November 12, 2014

[REVIEW] Born Pretty Store Born Pretty 11-15 stamping plates set

Today was mail day it seems. Which I love when there's no official mail but only the fun kind. I was excited to get my new Born Pretty plates. They launched their second line of stamping plates, divided into two sets (of 5 and 10 plates, both of which I bought) and today I'll show you the first set, which are the plates BP11 to BP15.

I won't be posting photos of the plates themselves, but I stamped the images on a piece of paper, which gives a better idea about the images.

Yeah, not a good image. I know.

And speaking of the images. The designs transfer nicely, are clear, and depending on your stamping polish, stamper, and the method you use the results might vary. So here's my results, using the XL stamper (the big black one from ebay which some companies get and sell under their names), and 05 Inkheart from the Love Letters special edition from Essence.

A note about BP15. See the Marilyn image there? First I stamped the regular way. Which didn't pick the polish from both her sides. Tried it again, same result (that one went onto the lint roller hihi). And then I decided to try another method (the two layer I'm pointing at in the photo). I applied the stamping polish, scraped it off, then applied it again and scraped it off again. And you see the result of it on the photo up there. Not sure how it would look on my nails, but once I use it in nail art, we all get to know.

All-in-all I like the designs in this set. I already see myself making colorful decals out of most of them, and also using them directly as stamping nail art. I'm glad Born Pretty came up with the idea of making their own stamping plates, even though the designs on their first set were tiny, I still like them. With a bit of creative thinking, you can definitely work around a design, no matter big or small.

By the way, I bought those sets myself. And for some lucky reason, I got them way sooner than expected! (not complaining here, just happily surprised) If you want to get the set, you can check on Born Pretty Store's website. The item number is #17309. It's on sale at the moment (just an FYI).

Also, I have a 10% discount code from them, which I'm not using (because I usually buy items that are already on discount) so in case it's useful for you, here it is: THEX31 (I'm not sure if it still works, but I never used it yet. Keep in mind that it only works on items that are NOT already on discount)

Well, that's it for now. I'll be making another post with the other set soon. I'll hopefully have a better daylight for the photos.

Thanks for looking, feel free to leave a comment. And until next time!


  1. They look amazing. I'm so glad I bought them, especially at the price they were when there were released. And I didn't knew you could do the double-scraping thing with the same colours to make them more opaque. I tend to do it with different colours (one metallic and one creme) to give them a metallic effect.

    1. See, I didn't know you could do double scraping with metallic and creme! Which one do you do first? (I'm guessing metallic, so it would end up on top and be visible?). But yeah, the double scraping was just a thought, and I had no idea it's actually a thing! lol I think I need to see what metallic colors I have and try to play around with them :D
      And I'm also glad I bought them! One can never have enough stamping plates, right? (even if some designs can be repeated on others, but they are "not quite the same", just like nail polish hehe :D)