Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween skittle nails

Happy Halloween, everyone!

I't's been a while since I posted anything, mainly because life happened and I was feeling a bit uninspired. But today I finally have something to share.

While I don't celebrate Halloween myself, I love all the decorations I see around, and the costumes people come up with. And I absolutely adore the nail art creations I see around. People are so talented!

So here is my take on Halloween nails. I hope you like it!

For this I used the following:

Tropical Orange from Finailly as base for the index and ring finger. Then black acrylic paint on both. I did the same design of the index on my thumb, and forgot to include it in the photos lol

For the middle finger I used Ultimate Nudes 020 Cotton Candy At Eiffel Tower from Catrice as base. And drew a Dracula face using acrylic paint.

For the pinky finger I used a white polish from Sinful Colors as base. Then using black acylic paint I drew the outline of the little ghost and filled around it in black. Once that was dry I outlined the bottom edge of the ghost with "11 grape-metallic rocks!" Nail art freestyle & tip painter from Essence, and decided to add a bit of glitter named Frenzy from Sinful Colors on the remaining black area.

In the end I topped them all with a layer of top coat.

I hope you enjoyed this skittle design. I got the ideas from several designs I've seen on Pinterest and Google image results when I searched for inspiration.

Until next time!


  1. Good job! Loving the designs! You're really talented. The nails are just perfect for this time of the year!

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