Wednesday, November 19, 2014

[REVIEW] Born Pretty Store Born Pretty 16-25 stamping plates set

In my previous post I wrote about the mail I received that included the two sets of stamping plates from Born Pretty Store. Today I'll be showing you the second set, which includes the plates BP-16 to BP-25.

And just like the previous post, the photos will be of the designs stamped on a piece of paper.

The designs on this set of plates transferred well. I really liked how even the tiniest details were able to be seen on the paper. None of the designs needed double scraping. But there were a few that got distorted because my hand was shaky.

The polish I used for the stamping is the 465 British Jaws from the Denim Nail Lacquer line by Kiko.

Overall I am in love with this set. All of the designs are beautiful and they give you quite a lot of options to get creative with them. The full nail designs are medium sized, so if you have super long nails it may not be suitable for you, but otherwise they are perfect.

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen the design I used on my nails a couple of days ago. If not, well, here it is:

I used the plate BP-17 and I am absolutely in love with that one. I hate having red nails, so I wanted to stamp over it and this design ended up being my choice. Completely covering the red, but at the same time letting it peek out from underneath the white.

If you want to get this set, you can check on Born Pretty Store's website. The item number is #17310. It's on sale at the moment (just an FYI).

Also, I have a 10% discount code from them, which I'm not using (because I usually buy items that are already on discount) so in case it's useful for you, here it is: THEX31 (I'm not sure if it still works, but I never used it yet. Keep in mind that it only works on items that are NOT already on discount)

Which plate do you like most from this set? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. They look amazing. I'm so glad that they fixed the size problems with the plates. There are still images that are small-ish, but that won't be a problem for me (or my sister with smaller nail beds than me, that's always pestering me to stamp her nails lol).

    And why you don't like having red nails? It looks like it's flattering with your skin tone.

    1. I'm quite surprised the plates have such a nice quality (compared to their price) and the small images aren't a problem for me either, which is good :D

      I don't like red because it makes my hands look aged. The color does go well with my skin tone, but when I look at it it makes me feel like I have the hands of a 60 year old (though minus the wrinkles?) Which is why I usually use it as an accent and never completely on its own :)