Monday, May 5, 2014

Stamping decal nail art

Making decals using nail art stamping is becoming more and more popular these days. And I'm enjoying that very much. Today I have a simple nail art to share, which includes stamping and coloring the design before putting it on my nails.

For this I used the Infinity plate number 41, and the following nail polishes:
  • 010 Beetle Wings from the Metal Flip collection by Miss Sporty
  • Yellow nail polish from Action
  • #389 from Kiko
  • 05 Orange Red from Multi Effect Nail Lacquer from Kiko
  • Black stamping polish from Essence
So first I painted rectangles on a plastic bag using the Kiko 3in1 mat, which is essentially a base/top-coat. I was going to use them for practicing a bit of free-hand using acrylic paint, but that was pushed aside as I decided to try making decals with stamping.

The back side of the decal
The front, or top of the decal
After I was done painting, I let the colors dry overnight. And the next day it was time to try the decal on. Removing it from the plastic bag surface is a quite delicate work. One little movement in the wrong direction and it rips! Sometimes when you're lucky it's a tiny rip on the edges that you wouldn't be using anyway, but sometimes it goes all through the design. So be extra careful when you do this!

I painted all my nails with three layers of 010 Beetle Wings from Miss Sporty, let them dry and then added a thin layer of top coat on the ring finger for the decal. After adding the decal I trimmed and cleaned the edges. You can find several videos on youtube about how to apply a full nail decal. And in the end I topped it off with a top coat. I used the nail sealer from Essence.

Thank you for looking!

Until next time!

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